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SCARY 52 Frames.

Scary is not a Halloween mask
SCARY ~ 52 Frames theme 

October 31, 2014
- Joy Krauthammer

OPENED MY EYES and AWARENESS and saw the world of scary chaos and evil, not just Halloween masks. For photo group "52 Frames", the challenge theme this week is SCARY. 
I don’t read papers, nor watch TV to see/hear horrific news, nor watch scary movies. I turn down NPR radio when there are words of evil.

Scary!  Scary situations of scarcity and environmental threats in lack of housing, food, water shortage, from drought, undrinkable from fracking, parched fields, electricity blackouts. Deforestation. Lack oceanic conservation. Deterioration and degradation of the eco-system and the loss of many species of life. (Oil spills). Fish, birds, vegetation, human.

Climate change, killer heat waves, killer super storms, melting ancient icebergs. Volcanoes, deadly blizzards and avalanches, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, lava spews and fires. Fire Department now lacking money needed for planes to fight more massive wild fires.  Fires from Santa Anas and drought.

SCARY. Rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, dizzness, fainting, accidental finger slice, falls, skull fractures, amputation, broken feet, knees, hips, surgeries, ruptured disks, body and mental pain and suffering. Spiritually, no self-confidence, no joy, no connection. Family and friends with medical issues, Tinnitus, cancer and other diseases, and difficult pregnancies. Asthma from fumes. 

Not enough drugs, technical aids, protective devices, or medical care available, drug availability based on age, medical costs too high. Food-borne diseases, rotten food, mold, cruises with diseases. Ebola, diseases not diagnosed, and yet seen, affecting self and society. Disabled people immobile in buildings with disasters, fires, earthquakes.

Dementia, Alzheimers, confusion, aging, being alone. Ten hours' wait in ER’s. Months' wait for MD’s. Surgery and anesthesia. Patient caregivers too few, not skilled, and exhausted. Careless medical providers, incompetent care in nursing homes and board and care. At times, dishonest and steal.

Homelessness, flop houses, joblessness, guns, robbers, burglaries, fear in one's own home. Overcrowded jails, 17% and 24% of genders mentally ill. Crazy people on streets. Self-destruction, maladaptive madness, despair and hopelessness, delusional states of mind, nasty humor, poor interpersonal communications (both between individuals and nations) and time-stressed. No self-confidence, no joy.

Scary. Art and music cancelled in schools, and librarians cancelled.

Undocumented, illegal immigrants work in homes, stores, in child labor, sweat shops, children held in detention cells at border, and with no jobs, no money. Robbers break into homes. Terrorists and gang members (and elderly) in cars run over babies, children, and adults, and kill in their beds and at schools. People and sick teens have guns, rampages, killings, drive by's, murders, beheadings, hangings, bombs, wars. Hazmat/Hazardous materials. Road Rage. To kill, terrorists dig tunnels into Israel.

Abuse, children and women denied schooling, shot, and kidnapped, sexual assault, raped, hidden, locked up. Shelters needed for women. Women beat up at Kotel, not allowed to pray.  Female babies killed. Clitorectomies. Acid attacks on women.

Children orphaned by diseases, terrorists and war. Starving.

Hatred, genocide-- ISIS, ISIL, Hamas, Boko Haram, Discrimination, Nazi resurgence, anti-Semitism and graffiti symbols and tattoos. Racism, Homophobia: Gay and transgender people beaten/killed.

Animals in shelters/pounds killed, animal killing for fun, meanness. Murder for tusks, fur. Coral reefs bombed to sell hobby fish in tanks.

Spying, drones, unexpected police at door. Phone and computer schemes. Bullying, dominance, hazing.

Scary! Men peeking, recording women in mikveh. Men molesting women. Women jailed and executed for self-defense. Lies. 

Dearth of resources or space. Massive apartment complexes being built on already congested main streets, that are already atop experienced earthquake faults. 

Dishonest politicians, 'friends', or when their employees are dishonest. Missing ethics, morals, kindness, understanding. Changes made without consulting those affected. Deficient parenting.

Scary! Unexpected external influences that turn you into a victim of circumstances beyond your control. Losing strength against winds in the ocean and not being able to kayak back to shore. Car, train, boat and plane accidents. Auto recalls.  Challenges and obstacles. Needing to fill out and complete difficult Medical Directives for your care for when you can't direct it yourself.

Unfair fees/charges. Lacking money for mortgage, shelter, food, transportation, education, health.
Needing food to be airlifted, and dropped. Food created out of 3D printers.

Coyotes in garden with bunnies, and hawks near bird eggs. Angry animals, angry people, GMO’s, their supporters' poisons, mislabeled foods, and lack of quality control, mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases, and scary insects and roaming snakes and flying bats.  

Drug cars with guys selling in front of home. Afraid to leave house alone. Alone in elevators with unknown males. Hitchhiking. Hitchhikers. Driving two hours one way for weekly class only 30 miles away. Driving at night or day in heavy fog, or rain.  Being lost in scary neighborhood at night. Bitten by a dog, and living with fear. Snokeling alone around the rear of a distant coral reef in Eilat, unseen from the shore. Being in a little boat, alone. Walking on an edge of a cliff. Driving on hills of San Francisco. 

Scared. In Big Bear 
Lake, on a good weather day, I was too afraid to go beyond the middle of 
the lake to the other side. Years ago in Sedona, Arizona, scared, I had 
been unable to cross a stream walking in the water with my 
camera, and with tripod as a support, on an Arizona Highways photo group trip.
 (Thus, I missed the photo shoot). Alone on a log stretched over water on another Sedona "vortex 
exploration" journey, I could not cross over Oak Creek. A friend encouraged me to walk on the log. Yet, interestingly when confronted with a similar 
situation in rainy Topanga Canyon, where at night I could not walk across a log over water, I WAS ABLE TO EXTEND MYSELF and guide another fearful person 
over the water. We both made it to the party on the other side.

Finally, I trespassed my own boundaries. 

Scary terrifying are the murders of Jews in Holy Land by knifing, running over by cars, bombs, terrorism with guns of innocent Jews, leaving behind grieving families, parents, children now orphaned, and students. Fear due to anti-Semites that teach their tiny children to hate and give them knives.
Fears that thousands of immigrants have for their safety trying to cross borders to freedom.
Fears that thousands of immigrants have for their safety trying to take boats to freedom and dying in the waters.
Scary that humans can kill animals for their own pleasure, and be proud of it. Whether or not the lion was loved and famous, or a giraffe was beautiful.
Scary that teachers, Scout leaders, clergy, police, and others in authority take sexual advantage of the ones whom they are in care of.

Scary! Halloween masks, and mannequins in stores, but they don’t compare to society's terrors.

~ ~ ~

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  1. That's telling it like it is, Joy! Great presentation.


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